How To Bait Your Kook Correctly To Catch More Fish

March 14th, 2009

So you are about to start fishing. First things first, you need to bait your hook. Do you know the correct way to bait you hook? Below are some tips that will help you attract and catch more fish by simply baiting your hook better.

Firstly, you need to use sharp hooks. Buy new hooks frequently and replace your old ones. If you keep your hook on the line for a long period of time you should sand the point to keep it nice and sharp. Try to buy the best hooks you can (if you buy the cheapest you may save a few dollars but in the long run is it worth it?).

Hooks vary in size, shape and color so go for the hook that is best for the fish you are targeting. If you’re not sure, ask the people in your local fishing store. Some fish are supposedly attracted to red hooks (some sand varieties of fish target bloodworms and can be attracted to the red color of the hook) but a plain silver hook will usually do.

So you are ready to bait your hook. It sounds very easy but are you really baiting your hook correctly? Below are some common bait varieties and suggested ways to apply them to your hook.

1) Shrimp (prawn) should be put on the hook tail first and so the body of the shrimp curls up into the shape of the hook. Most people bait shrimp the other way (head first) but this will cause the shrimp to fall off more easily. Try to keep the hook entirely in the shrimp when threading through. Most fish species don’t mind if the shell is left on. Some people believe in de-shelling the shrimp but this takes time and often makes them soggy and they may fall off the hook easier. You can take the head off the shrimp as this often makes the shrimp too big to fish with if left on (and as an added bonus you can add the heads of the shrimps to your burley bucket to attract more fish)

2) Octopus should be baited using the tentacles foremost so they cover the hook. As with the prawn the octopus should thread over the hook to disguise it.

3) Squid is a good bait as it is hardy, easy to place on a hook and is hard for nibbling fish to nibble off. Just thread the squid over the hook and once again try to disguise the hook with the bait. Also try to use the softer parts of the squid body as some fish may not like the harder parts found near the head.

4) White bait, Mulie or any other small fish really needs to be hooked with a gang of hooks (at least 3 hooks in a row) otherwise they simply slide off the hook.

So next time you are baiting your hook, take the time to try to disguise your hook and make sure that the bait sticks on your hook securely. This will help you catch more fish and save you time as you will not have to keep replacing your bait.

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