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Invest in your business for the future! Being found on the internet is crucial to a business’s success in the 21st century. We’ll help guide you and your business to what could be it’s most profitable investment, SEO (search engine optimization). We stay current on the best SEO practices The SEO industry is constantly changing. Staying ahead of trends and diversifying risk is crucial to a business/website’s success. We’re consistently testing and working to beat competitors. SEO that gets results There are thousands of SEO Parsippany companies that claim to be the best and promise results but only one site can rank #1 for a keyword.


When one does a Google search they come upon a list of 10-20 short paragraph listings, as below.  Previously, it was only words they would come upon. But now, Google will include one or two images or video thumbnails per search page, which reallly  makes the listing stand out among the others, without graphics, not to mention providing added ‘Google link juice’ for higher rankings.  Naturally, not every business can be so lucky to get a graphic included, but we know that videos get high priority (Googlel owns You Tube, of course) so if you already have a video or can get one, you’ve got a good chance. We’ve also seen a few coupon images as thumbnails for advertiser listings, but they are still far and few between. It’s all so new and too early to say exactly ‘what’ or ‘how much’ but we’re learning and will pass it on…

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